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Actually, the Fleet Negh'Var is quite comparable to any version of the Bortasqu', to include the Bortas (which is an inferior ship), in the defensive role. They're pretty similar. Straight off the Shipyard info, yellow highlights for the better stats of note...

BOFF SLOTS - Draw, IMO, even though the Bortasqu' ships have better Universal slots. But since we're talking about defense, I know that LtCdr Universal is going to go to ENG with the Bortasqu'. Anything else is not a tanking Cruiser
Flt Negh'Var
TAC Lt / ENG Cmdr, LtCmdr / SCI Lt / UNIV Ens

Bortasqu' series
TAC Lt / ENG Cmdr / SCI Lt / UNIV LtCdr, Ens

CONSOLES - In terms of Consoles, since we're talking about tanking, the Fleet Negh'Var is superior. Yes, both can be equal in the 5 ENG Consoles, but being able to have 3 SCI consoles means alot for defense. You can slot a SCI Console for more shield capacity or regen rates, for example.
Flt Negh'Var: TAC 3, ENG 5, SCI 3

Bortasqu' series
War: TAC 4, ENG 5, SCI 1
Cmd: TAC 4, ENG 4, SCI 2
Tac: TAC 5, ENG 4, SCI 1

HULL - Bortasqu' series have the better hull.
Flt Negh'Var 42.9k
Bortasqu' series 43.5k

SHIELD MOD - Fleet Negh'Var has the better shield capacity as standard.
Flt Negh'Var 1.1
Bortasqu' series 1

CREW - Bortasqu' line has more crew.
Flt Negh'Var 2500
Bortasqu' series 3600

BASE TURN RATE - Not even a contest. Fleet Negh'Var handles far superior. And it doesn't need a fancy console to put an enemy in its front arc. Turn rate of 9 while not like the Vor'Cha or K'T'Inga, is still among the best in the entire game for a Cruiser.
Flt Negh'Var 9
Bortasqu' series 5

DEVICE - +1 for the Bortasqu' series.
Flt Negh'Var 3
Bortasqu' series 4

SUBSYSTEM POWER BONUS - In terms of pure defense, it's equal. If you're talking about the Bortasqu' Command Cruiser with its sensor analysis, it forsakes the extra ENG Console and gains 1 SCI Console for a total of 2, but still 1 SCI Console less than the Fleet Negh'Var which has 3 as well as its outstanding 5 ENG Consoles. So in short, the best Bortasqu' for durability is the same in subsystem power with the Fleet Negh'Var.
Flt Negh'Var 10 weapons and engines

Bortasqu' series
War & Cmd: 10 weapons and engines, Cmd has Sensor Analysis
Tac: 15 weapons

Overall, in terms of defense, durability, the Fleet Negh'Var and Bortasqu' series, namely the War Cruiser which lines up similarly to the Negh'Var, are pretty close. In shields and hull, one is better than the other. The Device option is however better for the Bortasqu' ships and should be mentioned again. But 3 for the Negh'Var is not bad.

If you want pure defense as a true STO ENG oriented Cruiser, I will not fault someone for making either choice.

But personally, the Fleet Negh'Var's base turn rate of 9 compared to the Bortasqu's 5 will make life alot easier in battle. Of all the stats you can compare, that turn rate by far is the biggest, widest margin in differences. It means alot to be able to present defense facings and weapon arcs in a timely manner without having to use special tricks that will go into a cooldown.
What it really comes down to, is the weapon power/engine buffs, and the sizes of the ships themselves, they play differently. Having a Fleet Negh'Var myself, situations where my Bort would have powerhoused, the Negh'Var failed.

Areas where my Fleet Torkhat would have gotten the upper hand (mobility) the Negh'var failed.

It's too big to maneuver like a Vorcha, too small to roam like a Bort.

you feel the size difference when you fight in either of the ships.

In every possible was I could have pwned with my Bort, my Negh failed. Every possible way I could have pwned with my Torkhat, my Negh failed.

It's a red headed step child, mainly due to its size.

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