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04-14-2013, 07:35 PM
@sander233 - Thank you for your comments! I know the assault on the station was not covered as well as it perhaps should have been, but the problem of posting stories on a forum is that you start worrying about the length of text you have to work with, and I probably got a little concerned it was going to be too long as it was. Still, every story improves with editing and taking time to look it over. Glad you liked the piece!

@marcusdkane - Glad the ending caught you by surprise, as I was hoping I wasn't giving too much away with the first couple of lines. As to if the Klingon Afterlife is a physical location, or just a metaphysical one that is somehow linked to the physical one through the Klingon people, I think I'll leave that for future storywriters. After all, "subspace weapons are unpredictable...that's why they were banned!", so who knows what that device did when it fired?

@superhombre777 - Well, the Captain in the story didn't know the date because...well, what date would you call it in the underworld? Does Time even matter there? His ship was wrecked, he had no idea how long he was unaware of things, and he realized that following that part of regulations was pointless now. As to why ship captains state the date in audio logs, I would assume it is for the same reason the U.S. Navy keeps handwritten logbooks in an era with computer digital have a living person's certification of what the situation is as an additional check on the automatic records in case the automatics fail or are altered.

In the end, the Captain simply decided to do what you suggested and just tell the tale. Hopefully, he did so in the way a Klingon Commander facing his own eternal imprisonment would be expected to.

Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback! Hope to write more as I get time to do so (oh, the Writer's Paradox....need to work to get money, need money to get food, need food to be able to write, need time to write, can't write while you work....).