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04-14-2013, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by lordthrud View Post
Another rep system on the way fair enough I guess.

But one thing caught my eye where it says about having to do projects to register existing gear on which we will receive 50 marks for each bit and get our gear back.

I have a full set of MK XII tholian gear which I paid to upgrade with lobi.

Does this mean I will not be able to use this gear which I earned and paid for until its registered via the reputation system.

As it is XII and presumably tier 3/4/5 to get in the system will I have to grind through the system for a time until I can get to do the projects to register it?

And will it be the same for the jem hadar XII set when you introduce a dominion rep system.
Or maybe the Lobi consoles for the ferengi or time ships when they get rep systems.

If so then sales of lobi items have just got less enticing in my book at least.
No, you will be able to use the gear. What this means is that you get free marks for having purchased the lobi gear upgrade. The option to use lobi to purchase the upgrade is going away with this patch as well.

It's a special project, so most likely it'll appear if you have the gear in your inventory like how the BNP project appears.