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Originally Posted by doaga1 View Post
Lately I've been noticing, at least around the people I tend to see, that escorts seem to be on the decline....

I see more and more Tac officers in cruisers and in a few baffling cases in Science ships. I often hear people saying escorts are OP... Colossally OP in some cases. which brings me to my question.... Why do tac officers seem to COMPLETELY waste so much damage potential by flying something other then an escort?

In some cases the reports of escorts being "OP" are exaggerated. Don't get me wrong, Escorts do more damage than Cruisers or Science ships, no doubt, but the margin isn't as great as some people want to believe.

A Tac in a properly built cruiser, carrier, science ship etc can still do remarkable damage, because a lot of the power in the Tac/Escort combo is the Tac.

APA makes everything hit hard, not just cannons.

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