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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
I'd plug for the B'rel in a romulan plasma build. I have too many universal consoles!!
Hopefully we don't see a patch note saying... NPC's hit with plasma weapons now automatically use hazard emitters LOL.

In all seriousness though for the OP.

B'rel: You will be the best mosquito in the game unless you are coordinating with team efforts where you will have shieldless facings in PvE where a target has enough hull where it will matter for a team to benefit from having decent amounts of kinetic damage coming from your ship and turn to recloak as soon as the target like a tactical cube or gateway takes you to being the strongest threat. As far as PvP its about as useless as bringing a balloon gun to a stf.

Norgh: You have 9 consoles like any free ship or c-store ship on KDF side. The 10th console most you usually get is replaced by the 3rd LC universal boff power you don't get on any other bop.

HoH'SuS: Its about the ugliest thing I've ever seen and makes the kar'fi look like a ship super model. However most ppl first ask is there some act of god that I can get it to look something other than the flying go'kart look? The answer is no but it is the only bop with 4 tactical consoles. As well being that the federation side dictates what we are allowed to have on the KDF side I doubt we will ever see a 5 tactical console bop or raptor so as far as bops goes this HoH'SuS is the most offensive ship you'll get as far as % raw damage before resistance are applied.

Hegh'Ta once you get down to getting some fleet modules this once heavy(highest hull bop) now looks like it belongs in a museum.

So there are your choices young warrior... Let the wheel spin and see what you win!

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