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04-15-2013, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by praxi5 View Post
Have you seen these in person? Are these actually how they work?

Even so... that's OP.

2 EWP every 45 seconds is ridiculous. That's giving players 2 free LtC Eng abilities on top of the free LtC Sci ability in the form of Tractor Beam 3.

And as far as the whole wing being on CD... just pop out a new wing, and the CD is reset. Yayyy.

It's just going to clutter up the battlefield more, cause ridiculous amounts of frustration, replace player skill to the point where they're going to be more of a crutch, and cause horrendous lag. Remember how STO can't even render a lot of torps/GW/EWP as it already is?
Respawning a wing doesn't reset the wing's abilities.

And yes I hope you turn your brain on when you see EWP on a map. It's like mines, you can avoid that and nullify the skill.