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According to the Path to 2409 they are, but according to events during 2409 they have stopped. The Galaxy-X was one of the first two ships available outside of the regular ship progression (TOS Connie preorder being the other), and was a flagrant violation of the Trety of Algeron. The VA ships were also pretty early additions (I think the next three out Fed side after those two? Or was the Excelsior out before that?), and include a second violation.
STO and time have always had...strange...relationships. It should be at least 2412 in-game, but it isn't.

Also, did the Defiant-R come with a cloak out of the box or was that added later? It's been so long now that I honestly can't remember.

Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Whether the Federation now considers the treaty invalid or if they've declared it in abeyance because of Romulan violations of it isn't clear, but either way it's no longer in force somehow.
It's something that very badly needs an in-universe explanation. Anek Okeeg made a pretty big (albeit not exactly strategically brilliant) ethical stand when he stood up for the Treaty, but suddenly because Cryptic needed the dough that went out the window with the Gal-X and Defiant-R.

Toss in the giant mess that is the state of the Romulan species and you get all manner of contradictory stuffs.