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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
or why they don't move away, even after they've gotten destroyed in the first shockwave. even if you're sitting at 5 km there is usually enough time to comfortably reverse out. (unless there is a scumbag tholian who disables your engine at exactly that time. :/ )
If you're in a Vesta and have all three consoles, you can hit the perfect shield right before the shockwave and laugh while everyone else goes boom. Or if you really want to be nasty, hit Feedback Pulse and Multi-dimensional Graviton Shield so that no matter what kind of damage the shockwave is it'll get reflected back and take a good chunk out of the CE even if you still go boom. Better if there's multiple Vestas in the group who can all do the same thing and reflect the damage back from multiple ships.