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04-15-2013, 12:32 PM
Accurate and elusive still look like must-haves. Free crit overflow, and a bit of survivability. Along with crippling fire.. sweet. Loving the new icons too.

With all the changes we?re making to the trait system, all existing characters will be given a free trait respec when Legacy of Romulus goes live, and all newly made characters will start with one trait respec so that players can fully customize their traits after character creation. Additional trait respecs will be available in the C- Store, and Gold players will be able to purchase both trait and reputation respecs in the Dilithium Store at a discounted rate. We?ll also be adding a bundle of skill, reputation, and trait respecs in the C- Store at a discount.

We also want to add traits that you can unlock via gameplay; whether that?s for completing a certain episode series or for touring the galaxy, only the future will tell.
I can't help but wonder (or should that be want?) if there would ever be a way to gain access to another class's traits, i.e a Tac getting access to Conservation of Energy, or an Eng or Sci getting Crippling Fire. Maybe for getting an accolade for doing x (absurd) amount of exotic damage on a non-sci character would get that character access to that particular trait.

Maybe some traits available through DOFFing too?

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