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04-15-2013, 12:35 PM
Bad stf? I've had probably more than my share of them. Three that happened recently stand out in memory however.

First, on elite hive my science friend and I show up along with two other unremarkable players and an engineer in this thing:

The constitution class refit. An iconic cruiser, yes, but it's tier 2. Not only is flying this in any stf a remarkable choice for a ship, he's got more injuries than can fit in the UI, scrolling right off the side... I know right away we're in trouble. if I'd had any idea how much, I probably would have quit right there. Off like a shot the first thing anyone does is he zooms into the cube swarm with fire at will and aggroes as many as he possibly can; overwhelmed by the sheer volume we all died many times. Finally we get some headway and kill the swarm - by this time we've already lost the first optional. My friend says he's leaving - which is when I finally notice that nobody else is in the stf still except the guy in the constitution who is STILL divebombing into the enemy with fire at will at full impulse... and me. I left the 'enterprize' to its fate.

The next one of note happened quite recently; On khitomer I tend to wind up killing probes on one side since people have an annoying tendency to ignore them. So, three tacs - one in an odyssey, we'll get back to that - go to one side, and an engineer sticks with me in a tholian recluse. Now, I'm all for ship variety, but I'm pretty sure a recluse is a carrier, and as far as I know, carriers are best used by science - but, not my place to judge. He seems to be doing a pretty good job killing the generators and such on my side, and doesn't need my help to stay alive through the cube that pops up from killing them, so while I'm a little put off by it, it's not a big deal. So, half of our side is down... suddenly, the tacs are screaming about too many probes coming through on their side and they can't stop them. The other engineer takes off and goes to help them... At the same time I notice that the three tacs haven't been able to even take down more than a single generator on their side. Hoo boy.

I'm left alone to kill one side's generators and transformer (plus cube) AND the probes. Not easy. I manage, slowly, painfully, grinding my way through the process. On my side the gate is now halfway damaged when I suddenly get tell'd by the tac on the other side in the odyssey that hey, since I'm an engineer in a cruiser, I ought to know some tips about tanking right? (RIGHT NOW? ARE YOU KIDDING?!) I ignore him as an argument in chat erupts between the tacs and other engineer because the engineer isn't tanking or even trying to, and apparently the tacs are getting blown to pieces. He's not setup for tanking, isn't in an appropriate ship... And quite honestly I wouldn't expect him to do so in a carrier. So I point out not so politely to the tacs that I'm killing a gate solo AND killing probes solo. They continue frothing at the mouth about the engineer not helping them as I finally kill my gate. I evasive maneuver over to the other gate just in time to see two probes get through the portal. I dump plasma and do everything I can to slow down the horde as I focus fire them all and slowly grind them down. *I'M THE ONLY ONE DOING THIS* - everyone else is attacking the gate, apparently convinced that I'm capable of handling it all by myself.

*shudder* We get through all of that somehow, and donatra appears. Ignoring me, the tacs immediately *flee* in the other direction and demand the engineer in the recluse tank donatra, causing another argument. Annoyed with everything that's gone on so far I deliberately start the fight and hold aggro throughout it ... while everyone else is much more concerned with getting killed by the spheres she spawns. *sigh* <sarcasm> That stf was lots of fun. </sarcasm>

The last stf of recent memory was definitely the worst of the bunch though. Elite hive again. Four tacs in escorts, one engineer in a cruiser. (me) - I start the pull trying to only get one group. Nope! All four tacs dive into the swarm darwinning themselves. We lose the first optional, but I survive by slowly circling in an S path away from them while focus firing the enemy down.

Second section - v'ger duo. tacs decide killing probes as far as humanly possible from the v'gers is a good idea, and get continually lanced and disintegrated by plasma bolts as a result despite my constant attempts at telling them not to do that. Eventually one of them helps me kill both v'gers. Another optional failed.

Third section - borg queen. Tacs decide getting point blank with the queen while moving as slowly as possible is the best tactic EVER. Queen responds by using aoe death. I warn them not to do it. I cajole them, insult them. no response. A continuous stream of players flying to their death results. I'm left soloing the queen almost entirely by myself because the respawn timer is now quite honestly *insulted* by this lemminglike behavior and is keeping them out of play for minutes now. Despite the queen's best efforts, I win this optional simply by being too hard to kill. Even STO's wacky reward system thought I'd carried that group - I was rewarded with something like 200 marks for that single run. It took almost two hours to do that stf. Never again - but at least I have a good story to tell - and I can truthfully claim that I can solo the borg queen.