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I'm mainly a sci captain, my first toon was a sci, my first end-game ship was the Luna, and I absolutely love playing a sci captain and laughing maniacally as I generally throw a huge wrench into my enemy's plans. So, since I plan on going through the campaign again on a new character from each faction when Legacy of Romulus comes out, I got the Rhode Island in preparation, and then stripped off the console and tried it out to see how it handles.

In short: It sucks. I mean REALLY sucks. I'm the guy who's found every ability console in the game useful to some degree, but this thing? It can't even do its job.
The premise of the Photonic Displacer is sound: Make a holographic copy of your ship to fool enemies so you can get away or heal.

The problem is what they don't tell you: As soon as you activate it all your power levels drop by 20, you can't use any speed buffs, can't heal, and can't even rebalance your shield facings. Oh sure, you get a nice little holo-decoy of your ship running around, but that's it.

I'm really disappointed here, Cryptic. What is the point of this thing? Why is it crippled so badly?