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Originally Posted by Jeff "AdjudicatorHawk" Hamilton
Ultimately, your captain?s traits can now be more closely tailored to your playstyle, and you will hopefully never again feel like you missed out on a trait during character selection that you just can?t take anymore.
if only this were true. on tribble, my liberated borg captain cannot chose the trait 'elusive', one of the absolute must haves for anyone that space pvps. i was this close to reroling this character because it was made before i knew beter, but then when i heard trait respecs were due next season, or whatever, i didnt hold off and got this character fleet ships, and fully ground out rep, knowing that i just had to stick it out until i could get that respec.

and now i find that that trait is bared on that species, or theres some kind of bug. the traits are terribly buggy on tribble right now. if it is intentional that lib borg cant get the elusive trait, thats UNACCEPTABLE. this is a somewhat premium species, your not making it desirable if you bar the best trait there is from it. i wish you would have told me back at season 7 that you were going to screw over that character so i would not have wasted so much time and money on it, at this rate it will forever be mediocre

i cant go back and change this character into one that can have elusive, i would if i could, so this bug or barring needs to be cleared up before may. you can bar anything but accurate and elusive from any species you want, but these 2 are critically important to pvp, theres a huge difference in performance between my character with both, and another with nether.

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Any active species-specific traits that you feel are "meh", please post in the Tribble feedback thread for the Trait revamp. My goal is to leave no traits feeling "meh", so that you can always take the ones you think are cool.
i have posted this concern in that thread in its first few pages, i was extreamly unhappy about it then, so it may have seemed a bit harsh. but that only because i waited so much time and money on a character i can never truly optimize, as it stands currently. is this an intended baring or more of a bug?
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