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04-15-2013, 02:23 PM
Given how the trait system is going through a MASSIVE change, why is it existing characters don't get a second free respec?

My logic for asking the above? The Blog states new characters will get one free resoec (IE they can change after playing through the game once for free.)

Existing characters are getting a trait respec - and effectively being forced using it before they've gotten a chance to play with the updated changed Trait system; and if they want to change again after pklaying with the new system, they have to buy one?

You've changed the trait system (IMO a good thing) - but, I do feel existing characters should get to re-choose the traits under the new system, yet still get one free respec like new characters will because the new system is drastically changed. Existing characters should also not be effectively forced to make a decision without playing with the changed system. If you guys don't do that you're effectively punishing existing characters.
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