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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
You may find that the next Tribble patch contains a change to roll Efficient into the Borg racial trait and add Elusive to the Borg optional traits. I'm not a big fan of how necessary Accurate and Elusive both are, but I recognize that they are viewed as such and therefore did try to give them to as many species as I could that didn't have them.
well i am extreamly reveled then, thank you.

space traits, and space skills for that mater, dont make a whole lot of sense to me at all. these have to do with your star ship, not your captain. ground traits and skills, ya sure thats completely captain based. but ship and space related? its a huge inanimate object that is 90% automated, traits and space skills should be a representation of how your ship is equipped, independent of your captain character.

i say make the space skills and traits a part of the ship costume tailor, it would be more of a ship refit then, choosing how it is outfitted. with powerful targeting sensors or better power insulation or better armor, etc...

be careful about worrying to much about must haves, they are must haves for a reason. the current changes to EPt skills are game ruining. that is not an understatement. it devastates slow moving ships that cant avoid damage, every time EPtS cycles its like they got subnukes, with such a huge drop in resistance even tame alpha strikes they would not be able to survive. the newest chain also punishes ships that use 2 different types of EPt skills, so again a nerf primarily to cruisers. wile EPtE gets buffed, literally making it even better then APO for the already speedy escorts. cruisers need consistent high energy levels from EPtW for thier weak damage to weare down a target. despite the longer damage buff with it, the loss of weapons power sends their damage into a tail spin, that change does more harm to cruisers then good. wile at the same time, its another damage buff for an escort to stack for an alpha strike.

so 3 ways cruisers have been nerfed and escorts buffed by the change. and its cruisers that need a buff and escorts that need a nerf, you guys did the opposite! there has been endless power creep to both spike and resistance and healing since F2P. escorts are extreamly tanky as a result, for cruisers it has made less of a difference. they didn't get more speedy wile escorts got more tanky, that at least would have been fair. cruisers deal pressure damage, but thanks the the healing and current average resistance levels, pressure deals a net of 0 damage to anyone in pvp.

these EPt changes are yet another buff to spike and and spike opportunities, and an actual nerf to pressure damage and pressure damage dealers! cruisers are made nonviable in pvp as it stands on tribble. get rid of these gaps in coverage, and rename the damn skill if you have too, if the word emergency is the problem. also cut the damage res buff on EPtS in half, theres the nerf that skill needs, not an exploitable hole in its coverage. every good escort will exploit that effortlessly, wile speed tanking so it practically doesn't effect them.
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