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04-15-2013, 04:06 PM
Dood, I lost 80M ec once because after I uncapped the EC cap i didnt read the small letters saying: You need to re-log the toon before the changes take effect. I sold a ship and got only the amount of EC up to 10M because of the cap.

Great way for cryptic to try an attempt at pulling a EC sink (Not that it helps)

But anyway, too bad. The amounts you talk about is really not much in this game, if you disagree then im not sure what you are doing.

I remember in the early days that just by selling all the junk and sh*t I earned at least 5M ec from level 1 to 50. Since then EC has only dropped in value whearas 5M is nothing now a days.

10M cap my ass, thats like putting your total monthly income at 5% of total, just buy an EC uncap token and stop the QQn, if you dont wanna spend a single penny on this game then thats your loss. 400 ec for a token is really ... a small pack of cigarettes at most.