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04-15-2013, 03:32 PM
I find myself torn on the 3rd tac ensign slot. I use to hate it but now with the romulan boffs and with a wider variety of doffs I have kinda gotten use to it. The only time I can still see it being an issue with with a pure cannon build. Now one I am really not fond of is the Kumari. I think having the third Lt is a bit much and probably wouldn't advise it unless people know how to tank with few heals.

When it comes to ApB3, ApO3 or Crf3/csv3 I have see so much data pointing one way or another I really do think all that should be done is come up with a few proven setups that we know work and let them choose what works for them. I know I will always advise crf3 since it is safest.