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04-15-2013, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
Are you sure your escort was built right? I've done 6 CE missions in the last couple days and took first in 4 of them. I fly a fleet escort.

Having a blast in the CE's!!!
Yep, they're built right and they're grabbing enough first places, to get them all their accolade. (Trying to get the 14 shards on 17 different characters so I've done my share of runs. ).

It's just that my all-energy escorts which have better gear, a better boff & doff setup and whose Tac-captains are skilled much better, yet require more effort, maneuvering etc... than the cruddy T-9 patrol escort I mentioned above. With the crappy torp boat I just sit at 9.0 km at a certain angle above the CE, barely take any damage, just cycle HY and CRF, only having to reverse a bit now and then and still come in first.

So my point is: Kinetic weapons currently seem to be somewhat of an I-win button...