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I could agree with Riker being the voice of the Federation.

Personally, my preference there, as I tend to say on these forums, is to have a Riker ECH who's married to Minuet.

I imagine CBS will be really dodgy regarding what you can or can't say about Riker's fate but having a Riker ECH married to Minuet lets you pick up a TNG subplot at least and deal with the state of the photonics and artificial life in the Federation, which is in many ways one of the core Federation storylines.

Plus, I've seen Frakes play old men and I think he's more fun playing a character who's quick on his feet and witty. And I think we've seen plenty of bad tempered holograms. It would be humanizing to see one who's got a bit of Riker's sense of humor.
Bit of canon lore here;

Minuet was a hologram created by the Bynars, and was only seen in 1 episode (11011001), never to be seen again. Riker even mentioned within the episode that he tried conjuring up Minuet again repeatedly, with no luck. A "Riker ECH" doesn't make much sense, since ADMIRAL Riker would still be alive and well in 2409. I'd picture him still in command of HIS ship, the USS Titan, possibly retrofitted using a 2409-style (Type 6) on the Luna Class.

And barring that, i'd bring in Admiral Riker (and Jonathan Frakes), to replace Admiral Quinn at Earth Spacedock. Quinn is after all the first non-holographic superior officer you have during your storyline. Would make sense to use a familiar face/voice for the person you are most likely to see repeatedly during your career progression (at rank promotions etc).

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Archer won against the Xindi general....Kirk lost to the Gorn when it came to fist fightin, oh and Spock.
Archer also won, against a VULCAN, on THEIR homeworld. Despite the fact that Vulcans have atleast 10 times the strength of a Human. And the fact that the planet has a much thinner atmosphere than we have on Earth. One could argue, he won because of Surak knowledge (his Katra) in Archers mind. But in that particular episode, i'd blame it on poor writing.

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