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Second, what the heck are you going to do with the ground stfs? During the past three to four weeks, the majority of the players have abandoned "Khitomer", "Infected", Cure", and "Hive". Unless you do something to entice people to play, I do not see how the ground stfs will continue to exist. I waited twenty-five to thirty minutes to play a ground stf.

Did the player population suddenly decline?

Did the push for fleets drastically thin out the population?

Did the majority of the players already complete the Omega rep system?

If there is no population problem, what is scaring people away from the ground stfs?

Over the past three to four weeks, something about the player population had drastically changed.

Did people burnout from the grinding?

Did players shift their way of playing?

What is going on here?
I love ground combat, but I loathe the ground STFs.

First off, whatshisface the klingon dude is the only boss in the game that regularly requires a group to cheese-kill him by using two players with snipers inside the combat zone and the rest of the team outside it rezzing the snipers. It is an absolutely patheticly designed fight. Some teams can obliterate him easily and the vast majority either give up and fail or cheese him. There are no bosses in space that have remotely the level of difficulty as him or the queen in hive. And in all cases the ground boss is more difficult than the space equivalent. Largely this is because ground all characters are extremely squishy and low damage whereas escorts are nearly tanks and deal stupidly high damage (high and low purely in comparison to boss total hit points, not compared to other characters/ships).

Secondly, all of the ground combats take longer than their space counterparts, are significantly more complicated, require coordination and tactics (unlike space which just requires enough damage), and have much more survivable enemies compared to the damage available.

Third, the rewards suck gorn genitalia. Sure the dilithium and marks are officially equal, but 60 marks in 10 minutes for space with a realistic chance for the 15 bonus for optional, or 60 marks in 25 minutes ground with virtually zero chance for the 15 bonus optional... this is a problem. Then all the vendor trash sells for 1/10 the price of space vendor trash. This is also a problem.

Net result: Ground missions are less fun, take longer, and are more likely to fail. After suffering through all of that, you get a smaller reward. And there is ANYONE who can't figure out why people are avoiding them?

Once again, I say this as someone who LOVES and PREFERS ground combat over space. The STF Ground missions are horrible compared to their space equivalents.