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I have some feedback regarding the Vesta class I just bought, and the textures/color options available for ships.

First..I would like to say that I want to see ships with less of an orange/white bussard collector glow and more of a serious red as an option like seen in the shows. This Vesta class has a very light colored bussard collector which looks lame. However the blue glowy parts look perfect, I would suggest re coloring that texture with a red and adding that as a 2nd Vesta skin option. I would also like to see nacelle glowy bits be seperately customizable from the actual skins.

look at the color of the bussard collectors here:

very much a red color, compared to the orange we have in game.

Second, I found the Vesta is missing some important details that shouldn't be too hard to rectify, seeing as the ship doesn't need to be remodeled..just touched up if the devs have the time.

These images show the problems I found:

The Vesta is also not supposed to have the ship name on the nacelles, but some tech texture there instead to keep it from looking so plain. There are also supposed to be two nav lights on the top middle edge of the saucer, one green and one red...those can be seen here:

The back facing side of the impulse engines on the saucer are supposed to be black not grey, in fact the whole impulse engine housing should be black colored, and the second impulse engines in the back should be black, and turned off...these would only be activated during saucer seperation or if the main impulse engines failed or were offline.

Out of all these issues, i'd say the missing observation windows, missing bussard collector caps and the fact that the buzzard collectors are orange and not red are the biggest issue with the ship.

Please ship artists, if you have the time try and maximize this ships visual potential.

Edit: after looking at the ship again in game, I noticed alot of raised little straight lines on the top rim of the saucer, if you look at the images these lines should be black, the devs took the time to put the lines there but you can't really notice unless the devs go in and allow these to be tied to the ship skin coloring.

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