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Bit of canon lore here;

Minuet was a hologram created by the Bynars, and was only seen in 1 episode (11011001), never to be seen again. Riker even mentioned within the episode that he tried conjuring up Minuet again repeatedly, with no luck. A "Riker ECH" doesn't make much sense, since ADMIRAL Riker would still be alive and well in 2409. I'd picture him still in command of HIS ship, the USS Titan, possibly retrofitted using a 2409-style (Type 6) on the Luna Class.

And barring that, i'd bring in Admiral Riker (and Jonathan Frakes), to replace Admiral Quinn at Earth Spacedock. Quinn is after all the first non-holographic superior officer you have during your storyline. Would make sense to use a familiar face/voice for the person you are most likely to see repeatedly during your career progression (at rank promotions etc).

Archer also won, against a VULCAN, on THEIR homeworld. Despite the fact that Vulcans have atleast 10 times the strength of a Human. And the fact that the planet has a much thinner atmosphere than we have on Earth. One could argue, he won because of Surak knowledge (his Katra) in Archers mind. But in that particular episode, i'd blame it on poor writing.
Minuet was mentioned again in Future Imperfect. I think with sentient holograms being a hot topic and Moriarty now running around with a mobile emitter in game lore, Minuet being out there works. Maybe Barash is sharing tech with the Soong Foundation or something like that to produce more sophisticated holograms.

As for the plausibility of a Riker ECH, the original EMH was modeled heavily on Zimmerman and hinted at having various real officers' personalities, including McCoy. Then when the LMH was planned, they were going to model them on Bashir. He was disqualified after it was learned that he was an augment but the plan was presumably to model them on real people. I think Riker is probably the ideal "career soldier" to model an ECH or even an LCH on.

I would certainly not rule out having Admiral Riker in the game as well but CBS has been known to say that Crotic can't develop certain canon characters. That's ultimately why the full fate of the 1701-E was left a mystery, because CBS didn't want it addressed.

Even if they allowed Admiral Riker in the game, they probably would be wary about Cryptic doing much with him that develops his personality or backstory.

So you could always have Admiral Riker around as a figurehead replacing Quinn but while you've got Frakes in the studio, have him double up as a Riker ECH or LCH that you can push out some more dramatic missions with since CBS would probably be averse to letting Riker DO much or say much about his past between Nemesis and now. Riker LCH could have some meaty stuff like getting involved in Section 31 or having a vendetta against an officer under his command or taking sides in the Obisek/Reman stuff or even just being a drinking buddy of Shon's.