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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
You may find that the next Tribble patch contains a change to roll Efficient into the Borg racial trait and add Elusive to the Borg optional traits. I'm not a big fan of how necessary Accurate and Elusive both are, but I recognize that they are viewed as such and therefore did try to give them to as many species as I could that didn't have them.
While I appreciate a lot of what you had to say about the overall big picture aspect of how you're revamping traits, I feel something very specific needs to be said. Just so we're all on the same page.

The reason Aliens were so popular is more than just trait flexibility.

It was one specific trait. Efficient. That's what fueled it as the de facto go to end-game content choice. Efficient. Joined Trill got a slightly similar version of a useful space trait so they were picked too. But Efficient is the be-all end-all space trait at launch and stayed that way. Heck, the other space traits were selectable except for Leadership (which only recently began to actually work) on any other choice.

So make no mistake, Efficient was the benchmark for min-maxxing these past three years. Aliens could then stack Efficient with Elusive or Accuracy or Warp Theorist or Astrophysicist and make a 4 traited captain that was all space buffs, which plays into the fact that Ground Combat is something the players by and large dislike in comparison to space combat, so yeah what you say about flexibility matters. But if Efficient were made available to other species these past three years, Aliens wouldn't have been anywhere near as popular.

Just want to make sure that's known. No beating around the bush. Aliens could train efficient. Vulcans could not. Guess how many more people chose Alien over Vulcan or Ferengi or Betazoid?