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04-16-2013, 01:37 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the current changes to EPt skills are game ruining. that is not an understatement.
Game ruining ?

I don't see how the changes are going to affect my enjoyment of the game whatsoever.
I realize that they will have an effect on the PvP crowd, but a thing that primarily affects one subset of the games population is far from game "ruining".

I get that none of us like to see our particular play style and way to enjoy the game affected, but this change will hardly affect the way many people choose to play the game.

Now, understand that I am not a numbers cruncher kind of guy, I just like the pretty 'spolsions and bright shiny pew pew. If this will be affecting PvE gameplay in a very negative way, please, Man, start a thread to tell us what to look out for. Like I said, not a numbers guy, I fully respect all the PvP community who can figure this kind of stuff out. Edit : And appreciate the help

As far as the trait revamp goes, serious Kudos on this redesign. This is actually the first thing about LOR that I am excited about.

I do agree with other posters who have noted that the space class specific traits seem a little underwhelming, but on the whole this entire redesign is top notch.

The idea of further customizing your character through traits gained while ranking up is a very unexpected and welcome addition to the upcoming expansion. I'll say this. My Lethean toon is probably the most thankful of all for the upcoming trait revamp.

While not perfect, this the best thing I've seen "systems" wise in awhile.

Someone please get adjudicatorhawk on some of the other systems in need of balancing. Like many ship and ground powers and how they interact in practice.

So, kudos, can't wait to play with the final version of all this that hits Holodeck.