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04-16-2013, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by kothor0 View Post
The grief this mission causes is not worth it. Immunize hull does not work. The ship is over powered. Some very skilled or lucky players may be able to beat it, but most won't. The point of a mission is to be challanging and fun. This was neither. Save youself some time and frustation and skip it.

I play all my missions on Elite difficulty. I have 2 tarfleet Sci chars, 1 pure, 1 crossed, 2 eng...also 1 pure 1 crossed.

I have a KDF Tac Also

And in all my gameplay here I never found a mission unplayable simply cause the opponents were too strong.

Yes I know about the nice atttacks from the big rommy ships when you get too close..I learned the hard way..

But heres what confuses me.

Polarize hull doesnt work?? You have to be joking. try putting a little aux power before casting sci skills. yes Aux makes a BIG difference to how sci skills work. Youu wont shoot and kill an enemy if your running on 25 weapon power...well sci abilities work exact the same.

Heres a few solutions to been tactored aqnd bombarded from those nasty romulan ships you claim are so impossible.

Beam Fire At Will - Will target all targetable objects

Torpedo Spread - Same as above

Tractor Beam Repulsors - Will destroy all incoming plasmas

Jam Target Sensors - Will tempararily stop you been targetted and fired upon. Use when the Tractor first catches you

Scramble Sensors - Same as above - Affects Multi Targets

You can pretty much kill these with ny just need a little practice

And if you STILL think Polarize hull does not work...Try killing yor enemies with 25 weapon power then tell me after that your weapons dont work.