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04-16-2013, 04:13 AM
Another suggestion is to level up and then come back to this mission. Makes some more ships and options available to you. Tried this one in an Akira and got my head handed to me repeatedly. Went and did enough patrols to level up and earn a Galaxy class. Made a big difference. Tactics are important with this one as well. This mission is one of the first times charging directly into the muzzles of the enemy's weapons won't work. Sitesh has enough hull points to absorb a first attack and return fire. Below are some ideas that should work.

- Stay at least 5km away so you can't get tractored.

- Stay off to the sides instead of the front and rear. So you are outside of the 90 degree firing arc for torps.

- Don't assume your buffs can soak up the damage from the large plasma torps. Shoot them first, then go back to shooting Sitesh.

- Adjust your Boff skills to emphasize healing instead of damage output. Your DPS is exactly 0.0 when you're dead.

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