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04-16-2013, 04:24 AM
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and now i find that that trait is bared on that species, or theres some kind of bug. the traits are terribly buggy on tribble right now. if it is intentional that lib borg cant get the elusive trait, thats UNACCEPTABLE. this is a somewhat premium species, your not making it desirable if you bar the best trait there is from it. i wish you would have told me back at season 7 that you were going to screw over that character so i would not have wasted so much time and money on it, at this rate it will forever be mediocre
See this is why I didn't roll a Klingon for any of my KDF toons. I have to completely agree that opening up those two traits for all races is a complete must. To be honest, I have no idea why those traits arent open to all races. Humans might be the only race with a legitimate reason for not getting elusive since leadership has a nice counter bonus.