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04-16-2013, 04:58 AM
AFKers are a different animal. They're farming the rewards that come with the instance. Take away the reward that can be AFK'd and voila ... no AFKers. One solution used in some other successful MMO's is that players must be within immediate aggro range of the kill or completed mission objective in order to be eligible for the associated reward. Your run of the mill AFKer cannot just join the instance and then walk away ... he must sit there and wait for the end of the mission in order to race to the reward range. If he sits within reward range, he's likely to aggro mobs, die and respawn out of reward range. Take away the AFK farm and the AFK farmers move elsewhere.
Thats how STF's used to work. Everytime you completed an STF the players had to move to the reward spawn point to collect their rewards before leaving the STF but too many stupid people made a fuss that they were leaving an STF and 'forgetting' to claim their reward.