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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
@ Daniel Stahl,
Splintering of the player base has already occurred. As a result of pushing everyone into fleets, shutting down the Omega office, establishing fleet bases, and establishing embassies, the population in many locations have drastically declined.

Second, what the heck are you going to do with the ground stfs? During the past three to four weeks, the majority of the players have abandoned "Khitomer", "Infected", Cure", and "Hive". Unless you do something to entice people to play, I do not see how the ground stfs will continue to exist. I waited twenty-five to thirty minutes to play a ground stf.

Did the player population suddenly decline?

Did the push for fleets drastically thin out the population?

Did the majority of the players already complete the Omega rep system?

If there is no population problem, what is scaring people away from the ground stfs?

Over the past three to four weeks, something about the player population had drastically changed.

Did people burnout from the grinding?

Did players shift their way of playing?

What is going on here?
I don't think it's a population problem at all. There's plenty of people all over the place getting space STFs to pop in seconds. The reason is because ground combat as well as ground STFs suck.

Personally speaking, the only reason I ever ran ground STFs was for the Mk XII stuffs. Now that I can get that from the rep system without ever touching a ground STF again, I can just run space to get it. You won't ever find me in a ground STF again until either ground combat is redone to actually be fun or the ground STFs are redone to be more fun. Or both. Preferably both, actually.

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