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0 Romulan goodies are probably being added to the Foundry. Someone should show Dstahl this "list."

PS. Kirk v. Archer

Name one fist-fight that Archer won. Name one that Kirk lost.
Kirk was demolished by Spock in several timelines. In the term fist fight, he had to resort to a massive wrench to beat Khan and a home made cannon to bring down the Gorn.

Archer did take a lot of tail kickings, but when Archer got serious, he didn't worry about it. Why fist fight when you can stick a mine to your opponent and call it a day?

And he did help beat down those Vulcan guards. Although that was easy to miss in the stylish @$$ kickings that T'Pau was handing out.
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Technically he was Romulan....but pretty much agree.
No it was a Vulcan. They only showed one Romulan on Vulcan. As per canon, no human ever laid eyes on a Romulan in Enterprise.
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Well mirror archer won a fist fight with a gorn. I was there I saw it happen

though if it was me I would of just shot it while it was throwing that mirror maco into the pipes.
Archer in general was shown to be very smart in combat when he was actually allowed to win. That Mirror Archer fight with the Gorn was simply brilliant, and I'm surprised it's not used more. In fact gravity plating manipulation should be a standard way to neutralize boarding parties.

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Oh, c'mon, it's like reloading in 90% of other games, you can basically negate it with skilled play and character building, and it turns the Borg into a pressure enemy. Constantly advancing, being picked off one at a time, but pushing you back gradually, encouraging you to duck around corners long enough to remodulate. I get a kick out of fighting the borg, because ou have to approach them differently from every other enemy in the game.

A Klingon is a Romulan is a Gorn is a Naussican is a Mirror Fed is a blah blah blah, but when I'm fighting the Borg, I feel it.
The remodulating dynamic is perfect. It's true to the IP as well as being true to the technological advancement.

The only time I ever find it to be an issue is if there is a lagging issue and the remod misses it's cue.

But this is correct, that's what it's supposed to be like facing the Borg. Zombies that occasionally become completely immune to your guns.
Yes I support This

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