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04-16-2013, 08:07 AM
Some would see the difficulty of the ground STFs as good...others as extreme.

I haven't been able to get the ground accolades for Khitomer or Infected yet. I know Khitomer is doable.

Infected though? I have very little confidence as I don't know anyone who runs ground enough.

The issue with that mission from an in story is that it requires a level of planning to succeed that you wouldn't expect in a fire team going in blind. In a PUG with people rushing through it's just impossible to get the save (the crew be assimilated). I find it a little weird that in order to be successful in that mission even on normal difficulty, you have to plan in advance and basically know the course inside and out and have perfect timing to have a chance- at the optional. It's quite beatable, but the optional in that particular STF stands head and shoulders above every other one. I'll play Ground STFs just for the accolades and the accomplishment, so I kind of want to beat it as it is right now, but it feels a little off.

Maybe I just need to run it with a great ground team to Demystify it, I don't know.
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