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04-16-2013, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I like what I'm seeing in the new trait system so far (though haven't gotten onto Tribble yet to see first hand).

I do have a concern, though. It seems the new traits will expand the number of clickable powers, which I would ordinarily consider a good thing. However, I play on a laptop and the screen real-estate is getting pretty tight. At this rate people are going to have to break down and learn keybinds.

(I freely admit I'm lazy...)

The optional second power tray is helpful, but it's fixed in size and you can't change the orientation. I liked the feature in later versions of CoH where you could change the shape of the extra power trays to make them fit better where you wanted them.

I know a change is coming that will reduce the overall size of the power trays, but we're still going to have issues with click traits that get hidden because there's no room to put them on a visible tray.
Agreed. A third ground power tray may be needed. Even on holodeck I have to put less useful abilities like mind meld or nerve pinch on a hidden bar, because health hypos and nanite ressurection cloud is just better.
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