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04-16-2013, 11:16 AM
humm.. RMT's working STO again? They tried when the game first launched and discovered the only thing they could farm was E-Cred, and they were charging way way way way to much for it as really honestly if you want E-Cred's there is no reason a highly active player can't generate a million in a days time just by vendoring trash drops. You just got to do a lot of missions is all.

Now an RMT thats tring to get personal information is much more likely.

RMT's dealing with STO aren't going to be able to get you a good deal. Period, end of line.

If you must deal with an RMT us a pre paid credit card, not one that draws on a typical savings or checking account. That way you can can still make rent and food for the month AFTER they go back and sponge up where ever other money is left on the CC. Assume RMT's are NOT on honest business. In most nations they are not considered either a legitimate business or a legal one.

I wonder how the Chinese would feel about having thier data infrastructure, industries, and entertainment services treated exactly the same way they seem to treat every one else? I include the Chinese government as China is still run by the party, and the people army.
Such activity would not happen with out the absolute permission of the government, the party, and the army. Do not assume that any RMT's operating out of China are anything other then a way of China gathering forign trade dollors, and gaining black money that can be used to support ongoing activities detrimental and destabilizing to other nations.

a Fact. Most if not all RMT's operating out of China are either tied to the people army,
or out right criminal orginizations operating without licence or sanction of any kind. The Ones tied to the army are at least honest and do indeed give you what you pay for. It keep customers happy and they come back for more. Most of thier customers being little minors and young adults and having no clue that they are helping to support international cyber terrorism.

5 years back I decided to do some digging into RMT's including, seeing that in a number of cases they had turned into some fairly profitable busnesses. I was going to invest. After checking with about 35 RMT's operating out of China I discovered I could not invest. Only chinese citizens can invest in them due to thier ties with the army.

Spread the word folks. We really don't want to support international cyber terrorisim!

P.S. Yea I know to some of you it may sound paranoid and like something out of the last century (the 20th, I'm sure you heard about it.. a lot of stuff happened!) Sometimes reality IS over the top. Funny thing is, is China doesn't even try particularly hard to conceal this.
Can't say I blame them.. after all, if other society's can't regulate thier OWN citizens into not funding hostile covert operations via obvious front orginizations, well, obviously this simply reveals the soft currupt inner core of these societies! People revolution just waiting for the right trigger! Please to Remember, the Chinese are still serious about communisim/socialism. They DO NOT look at things the way other nations do at all. And the cyber terrorisim orginating out of China, and supported by china is not done for the most part directly and maintains the illusion of spontaneous will of the people to act to support socialist revolution the world over... but... especially in the Unites.
Mao Tsetung might have started a much needed revolution in China, but the retoric of subversion continues apace with out him. Lot of true belivers in China. Just be aware.
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