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04-16-2013, 01:25 PM
Synergies are an interesting concept but they have one major problem. They can often lead to intensely OP loadouts in a real hurry. This is why Science got Held Down in a basement and Beat for several months with the biggest most vicious looking Nerf Bat you have ever seen until even its dentist could not recognize it.

If you pair a Tactical Captain with AP:A with Science abilities you used to be able to deal some intense damage (still can a little). If you put a Science Captain in an Escort you can do horrific things to fellow Players by conveniently removing their buffs and heals all of a sudden while using the Escort's intense damage dishing power to blow them away.

The main problem with the way people do stuff these days is that they run under the misconception that Engineers should fly Cruisers, Tacticals in Escorts, and Science in Science ships. That is all fine and well and Cryptic encourages this in character creation but it is utter nonsense.

Let us take a look at a Cruiser. It is a slow, bulky ship with massive tank. What does an Engineer Captain give that ship? More tank and power... More tank? Does a ship which has massive tank need MORE tank? No. Does it need more Power?... Well it does not hurt but it already can use EP2X and AP2X skills up the wazoo and run the most batteries of any ship out there... So not really.

What if you put a Tactical in a Cruiser? That adds a lot more DPS capability and better movement. It also means that you can actually USE Go Down Fighting AND being able to recycle your Tactical BOFF abilities (because you have so few) can really be an amazing boon.

Now let us take Tacticals in an Escort... So an Escort deals massive damage, turns and flies fast and nimble, and tanks poorly. So... Lets slap a Tactical in there and make it turn and deal more damage even better! Nevermind that recycling its tactical BOFF abilities is not really that helpful or that you will NEVER get good use out of GDF because you will die before you can feel its full benefit.

Now lets put the Engineer in there instead. The Engineer can keep those big burly cannons firing at top Energy no matter what you are doing, he can bump up your aux for heals, engines for speed, and shields for greater regen and resist. He can heal your ship including using Miracle Worker to pull your fat off the fire and give you a chance to dish out the damage needed to finish the job. Seems like a winner to me.

Just thought I would point that out. Choosing a Captain that is strong where the ship they fly is weak is the best way to go. Choosing a Captain with the same strengths and weaknesses as the ship they fly is not too bright.