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04-16-2013, 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by bombadier22 View Post
hi, some of my friends recieved free ZEN when they first transfered to tribble, and I was wondering, does everyone get that? If so then I have not gotten any free zen ( which is a shame, I was hoping to try out some ZEN ships to see if they are worth buying on holodeck) and if not...please can you make it so ? (please pardon the pun )

thank you
They gave out free Zen on tribble back when the F2P playtest was going on, but I don't think they have since. The sum of Zen you have on Tribble should be equal to the amount you have purchased on Holodeck as far as I know. Since there isn't as much to buy on Tribble, and purchases on Holodeck no longer carry across, most people have a stockpile built up, which may be what your friends are seeing.