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# 4 I Am The Legacy Of Romulus
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(This is from the actual account of the Romulan colonist Sarik Karzinak)

My name is Sarik Karzinak and I am one of the survivors on the distant colony world of Shikar and have been living here since I was a youngling. My mother is one of the original survivors of the destruction of our homeworld gave birth to me as while her ship escaped the shockwave from the planet's destruction. My father, unfortunately didn't survive the the destruction of our homeworld. My mother has told me stories of Romulus and what our original home looked like and I have often dreamed of what Romulus looked like and what our home looked like.

Now here on Shikar, we are slowly continuing to rebuild our lives with the help of our friends and families who did survive the the destruction of our homeworld. My friend Darok was also born during the destruction of Romulus and for him he has often wondered what life is like out there in the stars and I admit I too have the same curiousity about the stars. My mother though says that "curiousity can get the catarik" but most of the time I would not listen. Life was starting to look up for us and the people of Shikar or so we thought.

On the 7th year of the Kara cycle, a mysterious force came from the heavens and started to take over the colony. I heard whispers from the elders saying that they are the Tal Shiar. My mother has told me that the Tal Shiar were once a secret organization bent on finding technology and even killing our own people by any means necessary. The Tal Shiar started to recruit and oppress us and many of the elders and the young ones started to rebel. My mother was one of them and like she told me, they were relentless and started to shoot all of the protestors. My mother protected me from the wrath of the Tal Shair and ended up getting killed herself. My mother died believing in peace and freedom and I was at first filled with a terrible resolve, but Darok's mother told me my mother died beleiving in peace and freedom and from that time forward I devoted myself to the philosophy of peace and freedom that were instilled in me by my mother.

But, these are dark and perilous times for Shikar. Now on the 9th year of the Kara cycle, our people are continuously being harassed and oppressed by the Tal Shiar and a new and mysterious ominous force has threatened the lives of not only my friends and family but also other outlying colonies. My friend Darok and I have decided enough is enough and decided to join the ranks of the fellow rebels called the Shikar Trune (Shikar's Freedom Fighters), but for Darok and I, we continue to maintain the philosophy of peace. Hopefully one day, our actions will cause the people of Shikar to stand up and fight for what is right: for the colony, for peace, and for freedom.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________
Day 29 9th Year of the Kara cycle:

On the planet Shikar, the streets are quiet in the province of Sevan, my friend Darok and I continue to elude the Tal Shiar while supplying the Shikar Trune with massive amounts of thyredozine and stockpiles of weapons. My comrades of the Shikar Trune are hard working and dedicated to their cause of peace and freedom. Many of them are very friendly and think very highly of me, saying that I have the wisdom of that of Ambassador Tulsen. Others say I also have the capability of top rank commander and I should command a ship of my own. I myself of course had never considered commanding my own ship, let alone being a top ranking Captain. Many of my comrades, including my friend Darok continued to persuade in taking up command. Even I knew that it was inevitable to have them change thier minds, I willingly decided to join command.

Day 31 9th Year of the Kara cycle:

Through the persuasion of my comrades of the Shikar Trune and my friend Darok, I took up command and became ensign of the SRW Valtor (Shikar Romulan Warbird Freedom). Under the command of Captain Silvest, we headed off to assist the outlying colonies under the oppression of the Tal Shiar. But, before we headed off to the other colonies, I made a personal request to the Captain if Ensign Darok could be transferred from the ground forces of Shikar to the Valtor, for I knew that Darok was one of the best officers in the field of science. His way of thinking outside the box can help us get out of very tight situations. After looking at his files and careful consideration, he granted the transfer of Darok to the Valtor.

Day 35 9th Year of the Kara cycle:

We were continuing our liberation of the colonial planet Caparx from the Tal Shiar. Captain Silvest ordered the helmsman to decloak the ship and to disable the shields and weapons of 2 of the Tal Shiar's ships. This threw the commanders of those ships completely off guard and didn't give them enough time to order a counter attack. We were victorious and began to deploy reflief aid and clothing to the colonists. A few hours later in the mess hall, I was eating my usual Spicy Plomek Soup when Darok came over on a happy note. As usual my curiousity has gotten the best of me and I asked "what in Surkon's name are you happy about Darok?" He told me that he overheard one of the senior officers talking about promoting me to Lieutenant. I almost spit out my Plomek soup on my friends face. I knew that I was in good terms with the Captain and also he also knew that I had potential in becoming the next commanding officer. At times he would come to my table and began to talk philosophically about freedom whether it was a concept or not. We began to go in a heated debate and we both knew that no matter how hard we try to up the ante, we always ended up laughing. After the debate I showed him some new tactical maneuvers that we can use against the Tal Shiar. Silvest was rather impressed and he said that he would take it up to his senior officers for consideration. Little did I know, that those ideas would one day be put to the test.

Day 39 9th Year of the Kara cycle:

On my way to the bridge, I began to take notice of officers standing still and saluting me as I walked to the bridge. When I arrived at the bridge all the senior officers, my friend Darok, and the Captain were saluting and waiting for me. As I walked up to the captain, he began to express that he was truly honored to have a fine young officer who was tactile and willingly risking his own life for the cause of liberation and freedom. So on the behalf of him and his senior officers, they bestowed upon me the rank of lieutenant. After the salute and thanking the Captain, all the crew members clapped and gave the traditional music of "Saruk de Tompare" (Pomp and Circumstances). After the celebrations were over the Valtor's commicator notified the captatin that we were receiving a distress call from one of our Trune frieghters at the nearby colony of Tansalak IV and Captain Silvest ordered the helmsman to set a course and engage at maximum warp. When we approached our destination, we dropped out of warp, but all we saw was debris and the void of space. Silvest told the helmsman to continue hailing them and asked Darok to continue scanning the area for lifesigns, but as we were searching, 2 Tal Shiar warbirds and 1 mysterious ship decloaked and begin to fire at us at full strength. This caught all of us completely off guard and a couple of consoles exploded rendering a couple of the Valtor's officers unconscious. The captain ordered us to take evasive maneuvers and to continue firing all weapons. But, as we were firing, the two warbirds split off and the mysterious ship fired a mysterious energy beam that overloaded a few more of our consoles and one of them exploded in front of the captain, his first officer, and most of the senior staff, leaving myself, Darok, and 4 other ensigns . We knew that all of the senior officers were dead and I was the only one with the highest rank to take command of the Valtor....

To be continued...

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