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Originally Posted by corjet View Post
Is it just me or does Kar'ukan always disappear so you can't complete the mission? The normal responce is to 'log out' and do it again... But I've done that 3 times already and have spent almost an hour trying to complete the mission. I get to Ops and start fighting and then he disappears...

This is getting unbearable if you ask me, because 'bugs' have happened to me quite a lot now since I got another toon. I don't remember it this bad when I first started with my only toon.

Any advice out there? I submitted a ticket, but the last ticket I submitted took days!!!
Ok let me explain

Kar'Ukan does indeed "Disappear" he leaves to go to his ship

Now then before YOU can exit to the fleet battle you must finish off the rest of the jem hadar in DS9 OPs and then wait till your personal red alert ends then you will be prompted to beam out.

You will be on your ship and commence a massive fleet battle that is where kar'ukan will meet his end not on DS9 itself.

So just make sure to clean up the mess in OPs then wait for a couple minutes and you should receive a hail from one of your BOFFs (Either your boff or kurland) to beam to your ship.