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04-16-2013, 10:15 PM
I've played Sci going on over 1.6, soon to be 1.7 years. Rembmer, max your Aux.

Sci's work pretty good for a torp boat, but you're better off using Transphasic front, cutting beam to the rear, and two single cannons or dual beam banks for the front. And beam arrays to the rear.

When you actually use your sci ship abilities in conjunction with the weapons, it'll be quick to realize why.

Make sure you have Tykins rift and gravity well.

If you're using a Tac instead of a sci for the sci ship, use caution.

If you're using a sci with the sci ship, carry on.

I'm not sure if feds can drop aceton assimilators, or barrier fields, but if they can, they will be your friend. (I don't have either on my fed sci).

Max all sci category of abilities, sensor scan, particle generators, and graviton generators are huge. As well as the bottom right hand corner RearAd/LT Gen skill (Can't remember what it's called on the top of my head) and toss on a photonic shockwave.

Train a sci you can swap out time to time based on situation, and put on photonic shockwave 3 on one sci BOff, and Gravity Well 3 on another. Both are devestating.

It literally takes over a year to really learn how to make a sci really shine, but always remember aux and more aux is your friend.

Don't forget to max out your Aux.