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04-16-2013, 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by corjet View Post
Thank you, but since I posted I've been sitting here... So that makes it 25 minutes. No hail from any BOff, no one... Mess is cleaned up since I had nothing else to do I was going to polish the floor but I thought that would be going to far since the next person will possibly be sitting here for as long as I have
Dont hold your breath about support tickets you would do better spitting into the wind as far as the mission just skip it if you have the level.

Then later come back to it i had a similar problem with a mission a while back and i still havent completed the final mission on the borg collective episode (Forgot the name).

I get to where Q says to fight the borg again and this time "With feeling" and no borg show up so the fight never takes place and the mission never gets resolved.

I to sent a ticket several months back no reply and no resolution to my problem so my advice is skip the mission your stuck on and move on to the next episode.