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Originally Posted by carlosvzla28 View Post
hello all! im a newb to PVP, i play mostly on kerrat is a war zone not in the organized pvps!!!! for now i have a heg'ta with 3x disruptor DHC mk Xi [acc]x2 [crth] and 1 beam bank ?[acc]x2 [crth], changing these weapons for the equivalent in tetryon worth it?

sorry my bad english and thx in advance!
Nope. there's only a couple reasons to ever go Tetryon:

1. you're running what they call a "Drain build" in support of a teammate-the Tet shield-stripping (full spec flow consoles, etc.) for a torp boat or other, punchier design.

2. It's all you can get-I had this problem with my Engineer initially-by grinding in N'Vak as she levelled, I kept getting Tet drops and little else, but the tet drops were all higher level, so eventually she went to using Tet because "Free from a drop" is still cheaper than "Bought on the Exchange", and having a full set of MkXIIs' with (Acc) and (CritH) procs is more helpful than MkX disruptor (white) with one or two green consoles.

Esp. if the tets are DHC's and turrets, backed by Quantums with THY or Torp spread going forward and Mine-Launchers with DPB going aft.

But it's not an optimal solution if you're PuGging PvP in Arenas and C&H or running Ker'rat on a regular basis against rep-heavy Fed builds.

Now, using "Free from a drop" as your justification, there ARE things you can do to be useful to your team while running a Tet boat.

Spec full into Flow capacitors, for starters-this helps it drain those shields faster. If you have bought the console (Ship) for it, the Plas leech is a VERY nice complement and helps you strip them shields FASTER.

If you run the Breen/Defera missions, pick up the Transphasic torps and the 3P Breen set-this helps enhance your effectiveness with this energy type, and gives you a teensy bit of actual punch (not much, transphasics aren't great for anything but hitting hull THROUGH shields, but they seem to work pretty well IMHO when kitted to a Tet build as I've described...)

But realize that you're running an energy type that is out-performed by most other energy types, you are never going to be as effective a killer in PvP using Tetryon as you would be using Disruptors, Polarons, Antiproton, or even Phasers.
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