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04-17-2013, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by turtlebeng14 View Post
So my launcher used to have the old windows header, not the mac one, until a few days ago. I hadn't changed any settings, but when I opened it this is what I got:

The header is changed and there's a second window with fed badge thumbnail in it. I updated wine to 2.5.9 but nothing changed. I'm unsure how to reinstall the game or if any of you think that would help.

I have had this problem quite often lately. It seems to stop working after a few days. Then the same thing happens.. and then I have to reinstall... before it worked to copy over the map from one to another.. but now that doesn't work.

Anyone knows what the problem is?

I also have the problem that the icon does not start up the program.. sometimes I have to go into the winskin and run a test to make the prompt show up and start the program.