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Originally Posted by inputend21 View Post
Does this mean gold players will get respecs for dilithuim instead of zen??
The way I read the Blog, there will be respecs in the C-Store, purchaseable via Zen, available to anyone. Gold players will also have an opportunity to purchase them in the Dilithium Store.

Originally Posted by AdjudicatorHawk's Blog
...Additional trait respecs will be available in the C- Store, and Gold players will be able to purchase both trait and reputation respecs in the Dilithium Store at a discounted rate.
I'm not sure what the part about "at a discounted rate" means. I conjecture that it means anyone can buy from the Dil Store (too), but Golds get them cheaper in the Dil Store, or only Golds can purchase in the Dil Store, and the price will be cheaper in the Dil Store than the equivalent value of Zen in the C-Store.

Example: If Respecs cost 500 Zen in the C-Store, that's worth (an ever-changing, but approximate) 50k Dilithium. Silvers would pay 50k in the Dil Store (if they get access to Respecs this way, at all), but Golds may only have to play 30k Dil. Or something like that, anyway...

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