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# 1 Mirror DSSV support build
04-17-2013, 08:05 AM

This is my first real attempt at "building" a ship. Usually I just go with what I want to do, get what I think will do that job, learn if it works for me, then tweak the deficiencies. This works well for solo play.

BUT - I read a lot of complaints from veteran players about other players (mostly about AFKers and poor ability use). Every now and then, I read about someone's rant on other players build being a contributing factor to poor performance.

I'm not asking to make the perfect Science ship, I doubt that is possible. But I am wondering about feedback for the layout I have planned below. Admittedly, I have not tested it yet, but I have used the boat with various other consols and BOff abilities and it works for solo play.

This design is geared for PvE group play, specifically for PUGs (since my once-per-week game time does not coicide with my Fleet groupings).

My thoughts are this: my primary role is to support the "tank", secondary is assisting the Escort by making their ability for effective, tertiary is to provide my own pew pew.

Having said that:

Luna - Mirror DSSV

Fore Weapons (Aft Weapons same)
- Tetryon Beam Array x2
- Photon Torpedo

Deflector - Aegis
Impulse - Aegis
Shields - Aegis

Engineering Consoles
- RCS Accelerator
- Field Emitter
- Emergency Force Field

Science Consoles
- Field Generator
- Emitter Array
- Enhanced Plasma Manifold
- Graviton Pulse Generator

Tactical Consoles
- Tetyron Pulse Generator x2

Lieutenant Tactical station
- Tactical Team I
- Attack Pattern: Delta I

Ensign Engineering station
- Em. Power to SIields I
- Extend Shields I

Lieutenant Engineering station
- Engineering Team I

Lt. Commander Science station
- Science Team I
- Transfer Shield Strength II
- Scramble Sensors II

Commander Science station
- Jam Sensors I
- Hazard Emitters II
- Tachyon Beam III
- Gravity Well III

Thank you for looking
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