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Hi Folks!

As some of you certainly have noticed in the thread about Spidermitch's Shipcharts,
I spent a lot of time creating a web based app which allows to compare the different
playable starships 1 vs. 1. There also is a small app for android based devices - merely
a browser with a hardlink to the website, but I liked the idea.

For the web app I used parts of spidermich's charts as well as the layout and graphics
starfish1701 created for his chart of the vice admiral and fleet ships.

Since my work has finished (at least until all the new romulan ships will arrive)
I decided to move out of the old sticky thread and start this new one.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you find any bugs, feel free to contact me.

You will find the links to the website in my signature.

Watch out for my Starship Comparator app at or