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04-17-2013, 09:49 AM
Drop the RCS Accelerator and Field Emitter, they don't provide a useful benefit to almost any ship, and certainly not this one, the Emergency Force Field is also highly questionable, only worthwhile if you have all human boffs (and they're getting nerfed with the expansion). You can then move the universals into those slots and add the Assimilated Module and Zero Point Energy Conduit (from rep) as soon as possible, in the meantime get sci consoles that boost whatever you're doing. I've never liked that weapon set up, DBBs and turrets are typically better (due to the targeting arcs on most sci abilities and their higher DPS), but I guess you can use it if you want. Definitely replace ET1 with another EPtS1, you want that chain, and the ET just interferes with your other two teams. Extend Shields is ok, but also consider A2SIF, it's a nice hull heal/resist buff that can be used on yourself or others. Drop Jam Sensors, it's barely better than an empty slot for PvE, and gives you room for an extra heal. Scramble is scarcely better, and Tachyon Beam also barely does anything, so give serious consideration to dropping those to either boost your healing capabilities (since you're mainly thinking of this as a heal boat and you can have 2 copies of both HE and TSS) or boost your offensive debuffs with things like Energy Siphon or Tyken's Rift (both power drains with an extra effect, self power buff for the former, small AoE damage for the latter).

Of course, the whole concept isn't very relevant to PvE, nobody really needs the amount of help you can provide (either they can tank anything on their own or they die harder than you can fix, and sci debuffs are never much help to killing things because they're so weak), which is why most people don't go for a heal boat but instead an offensive build. On my Vesta I have TT1, 2xEPtS1, A2SIF1, HE1, ST1, and TSS2, and everything else in the build goes to offense. You can see it here: