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04-17-2013, 10:11 AM
I'll throw in some feedback.

First, unless someone is doing something patently silly any reasonable player can look at and say, "that's silly", like a MES-based rainbow boat, it's not the build. It's about the player. Most of the time, when someone's complaining about a "build" it's from a min-max/SHFG perspective and should be rightfully disregarded unless that's the advice you're after. That said...

Stay away from tetryons, really that proc is terrible. It doesn't happen enough to justify using tetryons, and the proc damage is horrid for what it is. If you're going to go with tetryons, at least used phased or polarized hybrid weapons for the additional utility. Otherwise, for a pure support build you're better off going with disruptor in my humble opinion -- polaron if you're using the Jem'Hadar set. Besides, you have enough science slots you can devote a few to doff-enhanced tractors, tachyon beam, CPB, and TR to knock off shields if you must.

Plus, if this is for STF's, suppressing shields is much more effectively-handled by the cruisers and escorts with which you're invariably running.

With two beam arrays fore and aft, I'm guessing you're looking at broadsiding. In a Luna-class, you don't want to do this, and there are two reasons why. First, you're going to be running into serious power issues -- broadsiding eats a lot of weapons power, which is going to seriously handicap you as you'll either find your dealt damage bottoming out, or be forced to assign power to weapons...and since you're flying sci, you need your aux and that power has to come from somewhere.

Second, the Luna is an agile little ship and you'll have no problems getting and keeping enemies in your frontal arc. That opens up two possibilities that are more power-friendly without major concessions on damage: a DBB/turret setup, or a cannon/turret setup. Either have their benefits and drawbacks: running DBB's enables innate subsystem targeting (and matches your torpedo arc), running cannons is a skosh more damage.

Lastly, this is purely opinion on my part, but a word about your tactical boff slot. Most folks run tactical team as it is, either for its shield-rebalancing effect or purely by accident ("herp derp moar deepz"). The option to have it is nice, but most "tank" captains who know their stuff will either already have it; conversely, know to constantly rebalance their shields while TT is on cooldown, and therefore need 360-degree shield heals to fuel their own efforts. With three team powers, you'll find one constantly being kept out of the cooldown loop with how shared cooldowns work; that makes for a good opportunity to swap out tactical team for a torpedo power, to make yourself a bit burstier for when enemy shield facings go down.