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04-17-2013, 11:37 AM
Sure I could always use another opinion of my mission, thank you.

Name: GRIZZ's Farmer - The Siren Star
Author: chitowngrizz420
Faction: Federation
Level: 46+
Duration: 15-25 min

Like many players I play EC farming missions for resources and with several characters. Doing a farmer several times a day on multiple toons made me realize that 99% of the farming missions are very plain and basic boring grind missions. I thought why can't there be a farmer that can entertain us while we farm! This inspired me to create a unique short story EC farmer. It uses the classic farm set up that has been worked into the story along with custom map backgrounds and visuals. So far in less than month it has received great responses from players tired of the same old daily grinding missions that can put players to sleep.

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