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Originally Posted by reximuz View Post
Been enjoying the new UI on Tribble, makes me sad to come back to live.

Yellow Alert when hostiles are nearby, but not engaged, might be neat. Or even when you are in one of those funky nebulas that disrupt ship systems.

And maybe 'grey mode' when you're in those funky sensor jamming nebulas or high-magnesite asteroid fields.

While I know we never saw this in the show, since Cloaking is new on Federation ships and, as we saw on DS9, they couldn't keep the Defiant's lights on while cloaked (in fact they had to cut main power completely), could we maybe see that triggering a 'grey mode' which is essentially cutting all but main power?

Also, perhaps a 'Blue Alert' when we hit Spacedock Control Area (the point where you're stuck to manoeuvring jets) at ESD?
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