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04-17-2013, 12:51 PM
Some of it is nice BUT!....

They really didnt improve any functionality or fix things that have been annoying since beta.

The spacing is very off.

The Target icon is way to big and intrusive and distracting.

The dialogue windows are HUGE and intrusive. It gets old and annoying very very fast. Like 1/2 the screen is covered so some BO can say "Warp to Regulus?". The buttons are also a bit hard to find. A major step backward IMO since we had the same issue in BETA with overly large useless pop-ups. And this game has too many pop ups as it is.

Lots of other things are also a bit bigger. Like buttons wrapped in a useless window.

Changes the look a little but IMO really improves nothing. More or less a new skin.

I also find most of the color choices aside from the stock fed one to not be the best color. Would rather have just had the ability to color it ourselves