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Here's a thought. We have the various Space Sets. (Borg, Jem'Hadar, Reman, Temporal Warfare, etc) why not a Tholian Space Set? Kind of like Temporal Warfare in the sense it would be optimized for use with the Orb Weaver and Recluse? It would be obviously something you would get for Tholian/Nukara marks. Probably splity over multiple levels of rep like the Reman gear or Singularity Harness set.

Other potential concept. Fleet version of the Orb Weaver (Or a Lobi store modification). Add a hangar bay.

Yes they do. In addition to Tholian (or anti-Tholian) sets they also have refracting Tetryon space weaponry.

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Are both of the new ground equipment sets going to be EV-suit based, or can we hope for some kind of standard Armor as well?
From what I've seen perusing the Nukara Strikeforce on Tribble, all of the ground sets are EV suit based with antiproton sonic weaponry.
Yes I support This

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