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04-17-2013, 01:50 PM
I like most of aexrael's suggestions outside of the Feedback and Discussion heading, and I'm even on-board with some of those.

Originally Posted by aexrael View Post

Feedback & Discussions

.C-Store and Promotions
.PvE Core Gameplay (Classes, BOFFs, traits, powers, mechanics etc.)
.Shipyard (Ships, consoles, ship weapons ect)
.PvE Non-Story Missions (STFs, Fleet Actions, calendar, events, ect.)
.PvE Story Missions (Players could label their threads with prefixes of [ROM][FED][KDF] designating the faction it is related to)
.Duty Officer System
.Starbase System
.Reputation System
.PvP Gameplay
..PvP Boot Camp
.Controls and User Interface
.Art, Graphics and Sound
I would not put C-Store and Promotions at the top of the list. Doesn't necessarily have to be at the bottom, but it shouldn't be all the way at the top.

I'm on board with "Core Gameplay" if we drop the PvE off the front. Core Gameplay should be about common systems.

I don't think a division between story and non-story missions will really help the Dev team, nor provide much benefit for the Community.

You've dropped the faction-specific forums entirely and per BranFlakes the Dev team wants to see them. I do, too, although I do see your point that they may not be entirely necessary.

You've also dropped the Space/Ground divisions. Based on the fact that Space and Ground mechanics, look and feel, combat, and missions are very different, I see why the Devs would want those called out. Might make sense to have a "Core Space Gameplay" and a "Core Ground Gameplay".

Based on how they work, the Fleet Advancement and the Reputation systems both work alike and the same Devs are responsible for them. I see no point in separating Starbases and Reputation into different areas, but I'm open to any insight that I might be overlooking.

Finally, you've completely dropped any kind of "catchall" feedback forum. I think we need that.
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